Grass Racing / Cyclecross

August 20, 2013
Coachford Cycling Club got involved in Coachford Autumn Festival 2013 with Youth Grass Racing and Youth Cyclecross on Saturday 17 August.
The racing was open to Youths under 14 years of age with Under 14, Under 12 and Under 10 categories. The young cyclists had to race around the perimeter of the GAA pitch and they quickly discovered how difficult it can be cycling on the grass! All cyclists entered into the task enthusiastically and we applaud all of them for the huge effort they put in.
After completing the grass racing the cyclists then moved over to the Cyclecross track. Cyclecross is like a cycling version of cross country running with competitors negotiating hills and turns and obstacles. This race was held as a time trial and even though it was challenging it seemed to be enjoyed by all. In fact when the junior competitors finished their race a few of the senior members of the club could not resist giving it a go! As you can imagine the competition became much more fierce now, with a lot of male pride at stake!
All in all the two events went very well and it is hoped we will run something similar again next year.